How To Properly Use Liquid Blush -Like a Cutie-

It will make you look vibrant and charming.

how to properly use liquid blush

One step you can't forget when doing your makeup is to apply blush on your face. If you are looking for ways to achieve that first-love, rosy cheeks glow, then this was probably written for you. You'll learn the step-by-step guide on how to properly use liquid blush (like a cutie).

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Best tools to apply liquid blush

FINGERTIPS, yup that's right! Applying liquid blush with your fingertips is the fastest, easiest, and affordable way. I usually use my ring finger for better control (just make sure your finger is clean). Dab the product on your cheeks instead of pressing and spreading so your foundation will stay intact.

BLUSH BRUSH is another tool that you can use if you prefer clean fingers. Synthetic, feathery brushes are better when it comes to cream and liquid products because they don't absorb products as natural brushes would. I recommend this brush that is part of our The Premium Jesley Make-Up Face Brush Set - 4pcs.

Blush brush

Step-by-step guide on how to properly use liquid blush

  1. Prepare your face using a foundation or concealer. Conceal and hide blemishes to add a flawless-looking finish.
  2. Take out the liquid blush applicator and apply 2-3 times on your cheeks. Pro Tip: Fake a smile in a mirror to pop out the apples of your cheeks.
  3. *Using fingertips* Lightly dab and blend the blush on the apples of your cheeks. Apply more products by layer to increase the color intensity until your desired look is achieved. Our Liquid Blushes are buildable and easily sticks to skin for easy application.
  4. *Using blush brush* Swirl brush directly into the apples and blend. Apply more products by layer to increase the color intensity until your desired look is achieved. Pro Tip: Suck in cheeks to pop out your check bones making sure you stay on top.

The easiest way to achieve a youthful glow

Liquid blush is a way to achieve a youthful, first-love glow in minutes. With just a pop of color on your cheeks, it can instantly transform the complexion of your skin. Our Liquid Blushes are waterproof, lightweight, and longlasting.

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