Who is behind Glo Up by Jesley x Jesley Cosmetics?

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Hi, my name is Jesley Joyce. I am the owner of Glo Up by Jesley x Jesley Cosmetics. Let me tell you a little bit of a background about me. I grew up in the Philippines until I was 12 yrs old. I came to Toronto, Canada when I turned 13 yrs old and I lived here ever since. I am now 22 years old, married, and honored to be an Angel Parent. Growing up, I did not like the name 'Jesley' because it was just different and I guess unique? I had family members who call me Jesley when I was young and it kind of bothered me because I like the name 'Joyce' better. When I got older, people were shocked every time they find out that my first name is 'Jesley" and not just 'Joyce' and surprisingly they like the name 'Jesley'. It took me a while to start loving my first name.

How It Started

When I started into makeup, I use my spare time watching makeup tutorials videos on youtube. I taught myself and start buying liquid eyeliner, foundation, and concealer. I think the beginning of Grade 8, I started wearing eyeliner every day. I would be late for my first-class most of the time because I won't leave my house not until my eyeliner is perfect. If you knew me since Grade 8 to Grade 12, you know cat eyeliner is my thing, and if ever you see me without eyeliner, people would think I'm sick or something is off by just looking at me just because my face looks bare without my eyeliner hahaha. I used to have multiple eyeliners at home and even if I am not close to running out I would ask my mom to buy me more liquid eyeliners because I don't know, that was my addiction at that time. One day, when I was applying eyeliner, I told myself I should have my own liquid eyeliner company but how? I'm young and don't know anything about how to start a brand or have my own company. That thought faded once I got busier in school and work.

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When High School was ending, I had to start thinking about what Program I should take for College. I couldn't decide if I want to take Cosmetology or Fashion Arts, so I took a year off and just worked the whole year until I decided to pursue makeup and learn the business side of it. But during that year off, I had a few paying clients already who want to get their makeup done for events so I knew this is my passion. I went to college for a good 2 months hahaha then I dropped out not because I didn't like the Cosmetology Program but because I couldn't accept knowing that I will be in debt once I graduate and to just receive a piece of paper. Since I am already having quite a clientele on the side in doing makeup so I just pursued providing makeup services and eventually expanded my services and I took lash extensions course. Now this time, I had to think of a name for my business and start building a brand for myself. During this time, the glow up challenge was trending on social media, it's when you post your old picture and a picture of you on the present time and see how much you glowed up.

The challenge was to show a picture of you from 2012 or earlier vs a present picture (2018) and was aimed to depict the changes in their physical appearance, friends habits, styling choices, and environments.

My mission is to help ladies to enhance their beauty and not change it. I think it is very important to know that everyone has their own type of beauty, and beauty is not defined by your color, texture, and weight. This is how Glo Up by Jesley was born.

When my lash business became more successful, I wanted to expand my brand into a bigger business where I can share the things I love worldwide. I took online courses in business marketing and on how to start your own company by using social media as your platform. I researched companies that could help me build my visions into reality and if you didn't get it by now, my vision is to have my own cosmetic company and that's how Jesley Cosmetics was born.